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The Probate Court oversees numerous types of trusts including testamentary trusts which are established by a descendant's will, intervivos trusts which are established by an individual during his or her lifetime, wrongful death trusts which are established by the Probate Court for the protection of minors who receive funds from the wrongful death of a relative, and supplemental needs trusts to provide a higher quality of life for the disabled.

143 - Application for Appointment of Trustee
143-DF - Fiduciary's Acceptance Trustee
143-B - Trustee's Bond
143-G - Journal Entries - Appointment of Testamentary Trustee
143-E - Entry Appointing Trustee; Letters of Authority
137-2 - Trust Inventory
15.8T - 15.9T - Trustee's Account
Appendix E - Computation of Trustee Fees
Appendix C - Computation of Attorney Fees
Consent to Extraordinary Fees
13.8 - Application to Extend Administration
13.10 - Notice of Extend Administration
45D - Confidential Disclosure of Personal Identifiers
Statement of Permanent Address