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Clark County Probate Court

Deputy Clerks

The Ohio Constitution and the Ohio Revised Code authorizes the Probate Judge to appoint Deputy Clerks to assist in carrying out the business of the Court. The specific task of each clerk spans from that of issuing marriage licenses to handling and reviewing inventories and accounts and various other duties relating to the types of cases filed. Each clerk is authorized to act in an official capacity to certify records and accept filings for the Probate Court. More information can be found here (67.46 KB).

Chief Deputy Clerk: Debbie Yowler
Incompetent & Emergency Guardianships, Guardian's Inventory, Expenditures & Release of Funds, Adult Protection Orders, Administrative duties and Court Investigator Phone: (937) 521-1850
Judge's Administrative Assistance: Karen Brucker
Estate Processing, Full Administration / Release of Administration, Non Real Estate Civils, Disinterment, Orders for Cremation & Right of Disposition, Appeals, Certificate of Judgment and Claims Phone: (937) 521-1847
Clerk: Lucinda Sanders
Adoptions, Final Accounts & Extension of time for acts., Atty & Fiduciary fees, Newly Discovered Assets, Mental Illness/Civil Commitment hearings Phone: (937) 521-1849
Clerk: Connie Estep
Minor Guardianships, Civils: Land Sale, Eminent domain, Building Nuisance, Auto Transfers, Real Estate Transfers & R.E. Sole Asset, Personal Property transfers, Distribution In kind/Family Allowance, Insolvency Proceedings, Testamentary Trusts, Minor & Structured Settlements and Court Investigator Phone: (937) 521-1852
Clerk: Tracie Baker
Summary Releases, Estate Inventories & Extensions of Time on Inventories, Certificate of Probate of Will, Wrongful Death & Status Reports Phone: (937) 521-1853
Clerk: Carianna (Rae) Lehman
Marriage Desk, Name Changes, Minor Guardian's Reports, Delayed Birth Registrations and Corrections Phone: (937) 521-1846